Pedagogical Employee Koppestokstraat

Pedagogical Employee Koppestokstraat




24-32 uur per week



You can create a safe haven like no other. Babies and toddlers immediately feel connected with you. Just a hug, playing a game while changing diapers, and together on a journey of discovery. You do your work as a pedagogical employee with lots of love and pleasure. In an environment where not only the little ones feel at home, but where you are completely at your place.


Wie zijn wij?


Discover the world of Smallsteps

Let children discover their talents step by step. That is our main driver. That is why we work every day on the best care and the right challenge for every child. We do this together with parents, the local community, partners and experts. From Zeeland to Groningen and from Enschede to Amsterdam. With around 2,700 employees in 150 daycare centers, 30 playgroups and 170 out-of-school care locations. This makes Smallsteps one of the largest childcare organizations in the Netherlands. However, every Smallsteps location has its own identity. You will also notice this at your new workplace. At Smallsteps, the children and your new colleagues can't wait to get to know you. So that they can tinker with you, play outside, discover nature, make music, read books and much more.


Smallsteps is part of the KidsFoundation Group.

Pedagogical Employee Koppestokstraat

Utrecht | 24-32 uur per week


Wat je gaat doen

You're here...

During the first steps, whith falling and standing up again, discovering the world and their own talents.
In short, as a pedagogical employee you are always there for the children at your daycare center.
You do not ware a cape, but you are both them and our superhero.

Together with your colleagues you await ''your children'' with open arms every day. To challenge, to motivate, help, inspire, and give them all the attention they need. You do this by:

  • Organizing activities that are perfectly tailored to the age and interest of the children
  • To care for, and support the babies and toddlers in accordance with our pedagogical policy
  • Maintain contact with parents/guardians about the development of the children
  • Create a safe environment to guide pedagogical staff in training



Wat maakt jou succesvol?

Your superpowers

You may not have superpowers like in a movie, but your skills are just as special.
With enthousiasm and loving attention you feel flawlessy what every child needs.

You guide young adventurers and give them support when needed.The first individual steps? Do you want to make that sandwich yourself? A piroutte? ''Try it''. You believe in the power of every child without losing sight of safety. You can rely on:

  • a completed education at a minimum level MBO 3 with wich you can work in childcare 
  • demonstrable pedagogicial knowledge gained in work, internship, or education with which you are able to stimulate children and follow their development 
  • good command of Dutch language in level 3F or B2 and a good command of English language 
  • good communication and social skills 
  • a flexible and collegial institution, if necessary you can go that extra mile 



Waar kun je op rekenen?

From us, for you

We like to get the best of every child, and we will only succeed when you too can get the best out of yourself. 
We are happy to help you with an extensive training process, various internal and external training courses and extra studie hours. You also get a contract with us for 24 to 32 hours a week. Initially for a year and after good performance a permanent contract. In additon we offer you (on a fulltime basis): 

  • a gross monthly salary between Euro 2,047 and 2,793 according to the CLA Childcare scale 6
  • 26 vacation days
  • a travel allowance of 0,19 ct per kilometer (from 8 kilometers)
  • a pension plan
  • a collective health insurance policy with four different health care providers and a allowance of 8 euro's per month


Iets voor jou?

Any questions? 
Do you have questions about this vacancy?
Just ask our recruiters Raiesa Lala (06- 29182144) or DJ Driessen (06-15403971).



De sollicitatieprocedure


1. Solliciteer op deze functie

Stuur je cv en motivatie naar ons op via de solliciteer-knop.


2. Telefonisch contact

Een van onze recruiters neemt telefonisch contact op om een afspraak te maken.


3. Sollicitatiegesprek

We maken kennis en nemen globaal je sollicitatie en de functie door.


4. Tweede sollicitatiegesprek

Tijdens het tweede gesprek gaan we dieper op de functie en jouw ervaring in.


5. Aanbod

Er volgt een arbeidsvoorwaardengesprek en we doen je een mooi bod.


6. Welkom

We heten je welkom bij ons bedrijf. High five!

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